About Us

Our Mission

Mission of Our Company

is to make delivery of the articles that our customers interested in Machine and Molding sector of our country require

  • in cooperation with our suppliers and customers,
  • based on mutual trust,
  • in a sustainable manner,
  • by realizing the desired standards and quality,
  • appropriately and in a timely manner.


Our vision

Vision of Our Company

is to be a leading company at the sector as today in future as well, maintaining compatibility with the changes at Machine, Molding and Apparatus sector of our country by ensuring the continuity, productivity and effectiveness of the product quality.

Our Quality Policy

Quality Policy of Our Company

Being one of the leading companies at the sector, our company aims to contribute to the national economy by providing products and services that will employ the highest benefit for our customers with the awareness of our responsibilities towards the society and environment.

  Accepting that the quality and service are an inseparable whole and by acting with this comprehension, not being contented with preserving our current situation, by adopting as a basic principle to continuously improve, our company established the following aspects as the company policy.

  • to meet the customer requirements on time and in the desired manner,
  • to put the customer satisfaction in the center of the Quality Policy,
  • being open to expectations and suggestions of the customers, to meet the demands from the customers properly, reliably, kindly and on time,  
  • to be a company always reliable,
  • not being contented with preserving our current situation, to establish as a basic principle to continuously improve in any detail,
  • to improve the qualification level by providing sustainable improvements,

My contentment is immeasurable by the fact that all of our imployees will work in accordance with these principles with complete confidence. The quickest way to achieve the goals we set is to comply with the written systems by the responsibility of a team work.

Our Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy of Our Company

The environmental policy determined by AGR İNOKS senior management in order to explain our environmental consciousness and our purposes to our employees, customers and suppliers includes the following principles.

  • to carry out environmental examination activities in all of its operations and products, to ensure a continuous improvement with regard to environment,
  • to comply with legislations and administrative regulations related to environment,
  • in order to prevent contamination;
    • in its operations, to take environmental factors into consideration,
    • in order to reduce the use of harmful substances during the operations, to search for the ones that include less contaminant properties,
    • to make studies for reducing the source, reuse, recovery and recycling of the waste products,
    • to provide savings over the consumption of energy, water and natural resources for promoting the productivity growth and the use of the new technologies,
    • to organize activities in order to create environmental awareness,

By updating our environmental policy in consideration of the current conditions and developments, the durability of the enhancements will be ensured when they are adopted and implemented by our employees and will pursue the decisions that have been made.

Best regards…


Chief Executive