Machining is the process of giving the desired geometrical shape to a work piece by machining the work piece according to different shapes and sizes taking the mechanical drawing of a work piece projectized in accordance with standarts as a reference. The process of shaping should be made by the appropriate machine and tools. There are different types of this mode of production that is made by means of machining the work piece through the tension generated by providing a relative movement between the tools and/or the work piece used during the process of machining.


Machining Machinery

Finetech SMV-1060 H3L

CNC İşleme Merkezi 1100*600 mm

Goodway GCL-2L

CNC Torna 8"

Primero KM-200

CNC İşleme Merkezi 2000*850 mm

Goodway GA-3300

CNC Torna 12"