Machining Production

A Strength of Our Business: Machining Sector

Starting from the year 2014, AGR INOKS has also added machining production to its manufacturing branches, and in line with technological advancements, it initiated investments in CNC machines. Within our company, which has shown rapid progress in the automotive and machinery sectors, there are 6 CNC machines as of the year 2018. Our manufacturing activities are carried out in the areas of MOLD, FIXTURE, DEVICE, and SPECIAL MACHINES. With its constantly renewing and improving nature, AGR INOKS has established a significant position in the industry. The local and international customer portfolio, along with its continuous renewal and development, has placed AGR INOKS in a strong position within the sector.

End-to-End Manufacturing Solutions

We provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions tailored to your unique needs. From prototyping and product development processes to large-scale productions, our machining services cover all stages of your manufacturing journey. Additionally, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you from initial design phases to final production, ensuring seamless communication and efficient project execution. With our streamlined processes and flexible manufacturing capabilities, we support your success by delivering timely solutions.

Material Expertise

We have experience working with a variety of materials, from traditional metals to advanced alloys and exotic materials. Whether it's stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, or engineering plastics, we understand the unique characteristics and challenges of each material. Our expertise allows us to select optimal machining techniques, tooling, and cutting parameters to achieve superior results, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

Precision is What Matters

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, precision is the key to success. Our machining solutions operate with a mindset dedicated to excellence, ensuring that every product we produce adheres to the highest precision and quality standards. Whether dealing with complex geometries, intricate patterns, or tight tolerances, our processors possess the expertise and experience needed to overcome any challenge. Utilizing the latest CNC technology and advanced software, we guarantee precise and consistent results every time.

Welded Manufacturing

Three Generations of Metal Mastery

Since the early 1950s, our company has been involved in metal processing, welding, bending, and accessory works, gaining knowledge and experience in the Stainless Steel industry. Since our original establishment, we have become a recognized name in the industry, committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions. Focusing on our achievements and customer contentment, we are determined to maintain our leadership in the industry.

Mastery in Stainless Steel Processing

Stainless steel is a preferred material in many industries due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appearance. Our expert team employs precise processing techniques on stainless steel using advanced technology equipment. Through cutting, milling, drilling, and other processing methods, we shape stainless steel components perfectly. While manufacturing each of our products to meet the highest quality standards, our aim is to exceed our customers' expectations.

Stainless Steel Bending for Unique Designs

We don't just process stainless steel; we utilize our bending capabilities to transform it into unique and striking designs. Our experienced bending specialists meticulously shape stainless steel into desired forms with precision, creating distinctive and aesthetic products. In all our projects, we consider customer requirements and provide customized solutions. Each of our products reflects both durability and elegance.

Quality and Reliability

Quality is at the core of our efforts. We manufacture stainless steel products using high-quality materials and meticulously selected components. Throughout the processes of processing, bending, polishing, and welding, we adhere closely to quality control standards, ensuring exceptional results for our customers every time. With our reliability and durable products, we're here to add value to our customers' businesses.

Brilliance and Elegance with the Art of Polishing

By polishing the surface of stainless steel, we add brilliance and elegance to our products. Our skilled team works meticulously in the polishing process, smoothing the surface of stainless steel and achieving a high-quality shine. The polished surfaces make our products visually stunning and enhance the elegance of any space.

Leading Stainless Steel Solutions

We take pride in being a leading solution partner for your stainless steel products. Customized stainless steel parts tailored to your needs are brought to life through our machining, bending, and polishing skills. With our products that combine durability, aesthetics, and quality, we strive to satisfy you.

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